about us

Zam Zam Fruit Company is one of the largest fruit suppliers in India. Our products are highly demanded by the customers because of their quality and reliability.

We deal in bulk quantity to meet the demands of our customers. We also import fruits from different countries like Brazil, Iran, Italy, Turkiye, etc., which are popular among our clients.

Zam Zam Fruit Company started its operation in 1990 with Usman Shaikh and Lukman Shaikh as the founder and Md.Ifraz as his partner. The company started with a single branch at Pune Market-yard and now has branches at Narkanda, Shimla and Mumbai city as well.

The company has grown tremendously over the years, thanks to its hardworking employees who have helped us become one of the best organizations in this industry today!

We also have retail shops and Cold Storage facilities in a few Indian cities like Mumbai, Pune, and Hassan.

apple in container

Our Mission

Zam-Zam fruit company aims to import the best quality fruits and vegetables from different countries and make them available at Affordable prices.

Our Values

We strive to go above and beyond for our clients no matter the challenge. We aim to deliver our very best Quality every single day across our Products.

Owners and Directors